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Supporting SATLUG

There are several ways for you to support SATLUG! Stop by a meeting and discuss with other what you could do to help out.

Give a Presentation: We are always looking for good technical speakers for our monthly meetings. If there is a Linux-related topic that you would like to share with the group, we would love to schedule you for a presentation.

Installfest Volunteer: SATLUG frequently organizes Linux Installfests in the San Antonio Area. We help those that are new to Linux get started by installing it on their computer and help with trouble-shooting. Often, these are focused on helping students prepare for an upcoming Linux course. Watch the SATLUG events calendar for an upcoming installfest.

SATLUG Officer: Help with SATLUG business by becoming a SATLUG officer at the next election. We need good organizers and people with contacts in the San Antonio techncial communties.

Advertise: If you like Linux, and being part of SATLUG, tell the whole world by placing a SATLUG Logo on your web site.


SATLUG currently enjoys support from a few San Antonio area corporate sponsors. This support comes in many forms, from financial support to services that help the group.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of SATLUG, please contact the current SATLUG President, or stop by our next meeting. We will be glad to discuss the benefits of sponsorship.